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IEAS Research Fellowship for African Students

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IEAS Research Fellowship for African Students

Dear, Respected African ambassadors, professors, and pundits


This is the Director of Institute for Euro-African Studies (IEAS) at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea.

Hanyang University is about to implement a Full-Scholarship program to enhance the cooperative network between universities in both the Republic of Korea and African continents.

This program offers full-scholarship for African students who seek a professional career in their countries and accordingly, pursue their Ph.D. programs at Hanyang University.

IEAS is in charge of the process of the evaluation and recommendation into this Full-Scholarship program.

We offer this opportunity to a limited number of students, but will expand the chance to many African students after 2020.

For those who get selected for the Full-Scholarship program this year (Fall 2019 Admission), IEAS will also provide a research fellowship as a part of on-going project.

We wish you kindly recommend the promising students so that prospective African students would be able to study at Hanyang University and pursue their professional career as state bureaucrats, scholars, professors, and pundits.

IEAS will keep on the endeavor to create various opportunities for many African students in Korea.

Thank you very much.


Prof. Sungsoo Kim Ph.D in Political Science
Department of Political Science and International Studies
Director, Institute for Euro African Studies (IEAS)
Hanyang University



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