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IEAS Research Fellowship FAQ

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IEAS Research Fellowship FAQ


This is Institute for Euro-African Studies at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea.

We are pleased to introduce IEAS fellowship program for PhD students from Africa orchestrated by Hanyang University. The Institute of Euro-African Studies research fellowship is aimed at nurturing the potential of those who will become future leaders in Africa in the field of academia or public service, and who will contribute to the transformation of their countries. As a distinct program, you first need to apply to our institute for evaluation, but you must also meet Hanyang University’s requirements and deadline for admission.

Due to the overwhelming interest in our fellowship program and the numerous inquiries about it, we organized the most frequently asked questions for your understanding, so please refer to it:

Q1. What is the fellowship program?

A: The IEAS research fellowship is a program that offers you an opportunity to research with the Institute about Africa in areas related to the studies that IEAS conducts. (*IEAS website: Given the wide scope of our project, prospective students who are interested in the program can apply to study any major at Hanyang University. However, their research areas must be relevant to our research projects. Our project is currently focused on public diplomacy through culture, education, economy and social enterprise.

Q2. What is the requirement to apply the fellowship program?

A. We are expecting to have our new research fellow who could contribute to our research project as a whole. Also, we preferably look for the African students who seek a professional career in academia or public service in their countries and accordingly, pursue their Ph.D. programs at Hanyang University. Your application should be accompanied with a recommendation letter from a university Professor or a public official stating that once you graduate from our program you can get a position in a University or public service. You should also include an essay elaborating how you will contribute to our Institute with regards to public diplomacy and networking in Africa. For more details, you can check the basic requirement in the admission office of Hanyang University.

Q3. How can I apply for the fellowship program?

A. This is a distinct fellowship program from the general Masters/PhD admission process through the admission office of Hanyang University. As indicated in the notification contents, if you have interest in doing research in a field which is relevant to our research projects, you must submit the IEAS fellowship application to us first, and we will thoroughly review the application based on your research capabilities and academic networks. Once you pass our evaluation requirements you will be recommended to the office of international affairs and asked to submit application to Hanyang University's general admission office, so that you would go through the University's admission process, as well. You need to meet the University’s application requirements.

Q4. What are the benefits of the fellowship program?

A. Those who get selected will get Full-Scholarship this year (September, 2019 Admission) from Hanyang University. In addition, IEAS will provide a research allowance as a part of on-going project. In this regard, it is highly competitive fellowship program which may offer opportunity to a limited number of students, but will consider to expand the chance to many African students after 2020.

Please deliberately read the FAQs first, and if you do have further inquiries, please send us email at

Thank you very much.


Institute for Euro-African Studies
Hanyang University, Korea


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